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Teresa has worked with her favorite Zen Tarot Deck for the last 25+ years and although she rotates periodically to other decks this is her standard which she uses for personal and professional readings. Teresa considers tarot reading like engaging in a shared meditation practice with her clients. The Zen Tarot Deck is a present-centered resource, and rather than seeking a future wisdom the practice of this deck is a meditation and discernment of the present moment with the tarot reader and client. 

Tarot should not be used as a resource independent of the client's personal wisdom and other professional advice as needed, but like meditation it can offer space to to hold and stretch into a question and reflect on a current issue, much like any spiritual practice. 

See Tarot Card Reading FAQs for more information on this practice.

ALL OFFERINGS ARE CURRENTLY OFFERED VIRTUALLY & AVAILABLE GLOBALLY. ALL APPOINTMENTS SCHEDULED after email consult. If you are interested in scheduling please contact Teresa at



This 5-card reading can be helpful to see an expanded view on a persent-centered question or life journey you might be currently moving through. The narrative of 5 cards offers a building story of the current landscape of your life and the cards work alongside your own existing intution on this life experience to offer a balanced view of the current moment, question or point of transition on your own story.


A 6+ card reading comes with a variety of configurations. Based on your need we will select a card layout that best aligns with your needs. We will orient the card configuration and the reading around a particular question or life circumstance you want to center the reading on. With these larger reading configurations it allows us to go deeper into the story of the cards and how they work with your own insight to reflect on your current life circumstances. It allows for us to see the both/and narrative of your life in this moment - see the nuances of your circumstance and allow for space for your own insight to emerge.


This introductory reading can provide clarity and insight on a specific question or focus. This reading is very present centered and can offer the client insight which often connects with existing intuition about something in your current circumstances. It can be a great tool, in combination with your own internal wisdom, to reflect on a specific question or issue arising in your life in this moment.

SERVICES ETHICS & LIABILITY STATEMENT: None of these services are to serve as, replace or surmount medical, psychological, or psychiatric counsel or advice. They are also not intended to be crisis intervention for urgent emotional or spiritual care needs. If you have an emergent need please contact your local medical or psychological professional, and if it is immediately urgent please dial 911 for assistance. 

TAROT LIABILITY STATEMENT: Tarot is identified as an "entertainment" service and as such should not be used in place of necessary medical or mental health care. As such, Teresa is not responsible for any individual's use or application of their reading. That said, tarot readings are done with intention and integrity by Teresa and can be considered similar to a guided meditative practice in that it creates space for whatever you bring to the practice. See Tarot description for further information. 

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