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"Teresa is a weaver of the best kind of embodied feminine magic, bringing a holistic approach to healing that incorporates the spirit and the body, the intuitive with the instinctive, helping us to integrate and heal from the damaging ideologies that we are so individually and culturally addicted to...and find our deepest purpose and wildest creativity.  I cannot recommend her services enough."

— Brie Stoner, consultant, singer, songwriter

"Teresa is a skilled clinician, organizer, and healer – and is uniquely poised at this moment to offer a wealth of restorative services to the world. She is a trove of knowledge and care, and I would highly recommend work with her for those seeking to build strength, repair wounds, further liberation, or anything in between!"

— Kenji Kuramitsu, MSW, MDiv

I have been struck time and again by Teresa's creativity, energy, ingenuity, and convening leadership. In TRACC4Movements, Teresa has designed a project that fills a tremendous gap in care available: skilled healing practitioners who deeply understand and empathize with traumas faced by social movement leaders. She has a way of making needed things happen - and inviting others into that work alongside her. She is a galvanizing initiator who works steadily in devotion to marginalized communities.

— Lydia Strand, spiritual activist and organizer

"Teresa is a leader and a visionary.  She also knows the level of detail required to complete large projects.  She knows how to assemble a team, and she does this all with grace and humility.  Teresa is also a knowledge, compassionate, and caring clinician who is skilled at helping folks navigate trauma and spiritual abuse recovery. Her work lies at the intersections of mysticism, activism, healing, and everything in between."

— Alissa Catiis, LCSW, RYT 200

From Standing Rock to Charlottesville, I have experienced first hand Teresa’s unique ability to create and sustain spaces for healing, growth, and communal care.  Teresa has provided wisdom and transforming presence to me and my communities. She will encourage you, inspire you, and bring with her a sense of joy and thriving.

— Brittany Caine-Conley, organizer, activist, co-founder of Congregate Charlotesville

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