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Indigenous-Centering, Mixed-Method, Politically-Conscious & Trauma-Conscious Services


These services are meant to support individuals, communities and organizations in an integrated mind-body-spirit capacity. I bring 15 years of study and practice wisdom as a trauma specialist, contemplative practice facilitator, spirit care provider and educator to my work.

Political consciousness in my work means... that I engage an equity-oriented and anti-oppressive framework to my care as well as honoring the diversity of lineages (mind-body-spirit) from which we come from and offering care to meet the story and the journey of each individual person, community and organization based on their own unique and beautiful journey. 


Trauma-consciousnessness in my work means... that I am informed by my understanding of the ways in which we hold the traumas of our past and present in our body, mind and spirit, and hold a deep understanding of how that impacts and often gets in the way of embodying our wholeness. I work with clients to both understand, engage and work through the barriers to their own change in a collaborative effort to find a new way forward out of hard or stuck places.  

ALL SERVICES ARE CURRENTLY OFFERED VIRTUALLY & AVAILABLE GLOBALLY. ALL INITIAL APPOINTMENTS for new clients are SCHEDULED after email consult. If you are interested in scheduling please contact contact Teresa here.

SERVICES ETHICS & LIABILITY STATEMENT: None of these services are to serve as, replace or surmount medical, psychological, or psychiatric counsel or advice. They are also not intended to be crisis intervention for urgent emotional or spiritual care needs. If you have an emergent need please contact your local medical or psychological professional, and if it is immediately urgent please dial 911 for assistance. 


As a way to create a space for equitable and affordable community care for all who want to access it Teresa will offer 1x monthly a community care clinic where folx will have the opportunity to sign up for a 30 min care session for $30.


Sessions will include the choice of a specific Indo-Latinx Ritual/Practice or Mixed-Method Medicine Session. This is first-come, first-serve with a BIPOC registration window first followed by an open window for any remaining spots. These will be announced via social media on Facebook and Instagram prior to the month's session. Limited spaces available so keep your eyes out for upcoming month's dates (in events section - beginning Fall 2022) and social media announcements. 

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Mixed-Method Medicine. Mixed-Method as a nod to the creativity of of Mixed-Media as an art form and a way of creating, organic and unexpected. Medicine as a way to honor that medicine in an ancient and ancestral way is not "medical" as we know it in the narrow Western scope. It is more than doctor's offices and medical procedures. It is Medicine for the heart-mind-body-spirit. It is from an eternal line of knowing and funneled to us through different lineages, but there are some elements that are true throughout lineages and throughout time.

If this ethic and process of healing work resonates with you - one that is tailored to what is needed from a wide variety of streams of healing then this kind of work is for you. It will integrate dimensions of care based on Teresa's constellation of practices & your current needs which can include: Indigenous-Latinx Ritual, Placticas (spirit-heart listening sessions), Somatic-Embodied Care, Meditation & Grounding, Creative & Expressive Arts, Tarot & Bay Leaf Readings and more. 

Teresa spent 15 years providing counseling and healing support to individuals and communities through trauma and crisis, identity change and disruption and through the stresses and struggles of life. She brings this background and experience into her Mixed-Method Medicine practice to support clients through their own stuck points in life and move through transitions & transformations.

ALL INITIAL APPOINTMENTS for new clients are SCHEDULED after email consult. If you are interested in scheduling please contact Teresa here.


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While the Mixed-Method Medicine Sessions often incorporate Indigenous-Latinx ritual and practices as it relates to the Placticas - listening and finding a route for healing work - sometimes folx might just want the focused support of a specific ritual that they need in this moment.


In these services Teresa offers a variety of rituals from Indigenous-Latinx Ancestral Lineages on their own - a la carte. If you want a consult prior to a ritual practice to decide what is right for you, you can begin with a Mixed-Method Session for assessment (suggested) or email directly for a 15 minute consultation call to discuss the options available for what you might need in this moment.


Every moment, transition and point of transformation has a different fingerprint or path forward. There is no "wrong" way, but sometimes there is a way that has more ease to it.  Rituals include: Bay Leaf Readings, Clearing Ritual - Stones, Ruda/Rue, Water, Fire, Despacho Ceremony, Kintu & Pachamama (Mother Earth) Offering, and coming soon...Fire Ceremony, Chumpi Stone Healing, Machula Ancestral Lineage Healing, among others.

ALL INITIAL APPOINTMENTS for new clients are SCHEDULED after email consult. If you are interested in scheduling please contact contact Teresa here.


Teresa has been as much sociologist and anthropologist as healer and she has wondered for some time why we don't have distinct ritual - ones seen, known, and visibilized - for so many of the immense experiences of life, and for those we do celebrate, why, so often do we annex our own Indigenous rootedness to manifest them.


Partnership and marriage is one of those expected ceremonies but often what exists in the template doesn't include all of what you are - what if you could imagine larger?


What about the ceremonies that aren't abundantly found - the transition of abortion, the change of hysterectomy, menopause, the profound moments of coming out, adoption, mastectomy, the transformation of gender transitioning, or the powerful process of death and birth? What do those look like as ritual and ceremony, informed by an Indigenous- centering, politically-conscious, trauma-conscious way of ceremony?


In this space of her work Teresa looks to breathe ancestral wisdom into our current ritual practices and build ritual where one might, right now, be absent in your own life...but deeply needed. This work can be done in-person or virtually, based on need and capacity. It is a process that is co-visioned and co-created with the individual, partners, family and/or community creating this space. It is a work of great honor and deep humility that Teresa looks forward to visioning with you.

If you are interested in curating a ceremony please fill out THIS FORM. You can EMAIL TERESA here to discuss further and book a free 15-minute consultation related to your specific needs. 


Healing Practitioners (mental health and medical personnel, holistic and naturopathic professionals, embodied care providers, and others) carry an immense burden on their shoulders in the best of times - and often their work is spent in the worst of times for others. Providers can easily feel burnt out, exhausted, hopeless, lonely and lost in their own journey as healers.

Teresa's specific work of mentorship is geared towards primarily BIPOC + Multi-Diasporic Indigenous providers (with some limited exceptions for Allies seeking to decolonize their own healing work and find a way to be accountable partners in a frontier of healing wider that the western way), specifically supporting those that are finding their way as a provider, integrating often complicated dimensions of themselves as healers and reclaming Diasporic lineages - finding their own unique way of being wholly themselves and authentic practitioners in a field often populated by Western dimensions of healing and White-centric ideas of expertise. 


Teresa offers a variety of community events and programs. You can find the most current information about her upcoming EVENTS HERE. She also works with community spaces nationally and internationally - in-person and virtually - based on the needs of different communities and their focus. You can see more about Teresa's speaking topic ideas HERE. Teresa also works with communities to coordinate group-specific retreats, ceremonies/rituals, and healing spaces. For your community programs + workshops needs you can contact Teresa by filling out her SPEAKER FORM here

Teresa has provided consultation to spiritual, mental health, educational and other institutions and organizations throughout her career on a variety of issues including: trauma-conscious practices and programming, equity practices and programming (BIPOC/QTPOC/LGBTQIA+, and spiritually grounded and inclusive practices and programming, socially just and conscious programming and practices, among other issues. 

She greatly enjoys supporting the growth and transformation of organizations stretching their limits towards greater inclusivity, equity, grounding and sensitivity to support the individuals + communities they serve. She is open to engaging collaborative projects, tailoring packages of services,  as well as consultation sessions regarding specific needs. View the consulting packages brochure HERE. If you want to have further conversation about your organizational needs you can email Teresa here.

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