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Politically-Conscious & Trauma-Conscious Services


These services are meant to support individuals, communities and organizations in an integrated mind-body-spirit capacity. I bring 15 years of study and practice wisdom as a trauma specialist, contemplative practice facilitator, spirit care provider and educator to my work.


Political consciousness in my work means that I engage an equity-oriented and anti-oppressive framework to my care as well as honoring the diversity of lineages (mind-body-spirit) from which we come from and offering care to meet the story and the journey of each individual person, community and organization based on their own unique and beautiful journey. 


Trauma-consciousnessness in my work means that I am informed by my understanding of the ways in which we hold the traumas of our past and present in our body, mind and spirit, and hold a deep understanding of how that impacts and often gets in the way of embodying our wholeness. I work with clients to both understand, engage and work through the barriers to their own change in a collaborative effort to find a new way forward out of hard or stuck places.  

INITIAL CONSULTATION & QUESTIONS: You can schedule an initial brief consultation to discuss any of my services before scheduling an appointment or send me an email to ask preliminary questions. Also, make sure to check out my FAQ page to answer some basic questions about each service.

ALL SERVICES ARE CURRENTLY OFFERED VIRTUALLY & AVAILABLE GLOBALLY. ALL INITIAL APPOINTMENTS for new clients are SCHEDULED after email consult. If you are interested in scheduling please contact Teresa at

SERVICES ETHICS & LIABILITY STATEMENT: None of these services are to serve as, replace or surmount medical, psychological, or psychiatric counsel or advice. They are also not intended to be crisis intervention for urgent emotional or spiritual care needs. If you have an emergent need please contact your local medical or psychological professional, and if it is immediately urgent please dial 911 for assistance. 

TAROT LIABILITY STATEMENT: Tarot is identified as an "entertainment" service and as such should not be used in place of necessary medical or mental health care. As such, Teresa is not responsible for any individual's use or application of their reading. That said, tarot readings are done with intention and integrity by Teresa and can be considered similar to a guided meditative practice in that it creates space for whatever you bring to the practice. See Tarot description for further information. 

We all have bumps and stumbling points in our lives, spaces where the direction ahead doesn't feel as clear as it once did. Sometimes this is due to a life change or disruption which can make the path blurry. Sometimes it can just be a lull or lostness in the everyday of life. Either way, we can all use support periodically as a means of breathing and rebooting the status quo and finding our way forward. Often this can be difficult to do alone. 

Teresa spent 15 years providing counseling and healing support to individuals and communities through trauma and crisis, identity change and disruption and through the stresses and struggles of life. She brings this background and experience into her coaching practice to support clients through their own stuck points in life. 

Healing Practitioners (mental health and medical personnel, holistic and naturopathic professionals, embodied care providers, and others) carry an immense burden on their shoulders in the best of times - and often their work is spent in the worst of times for others. Providers can easily feel burnt out, exhausted, hopeless, lonely and lost in their own journey as healers.

Teresa has training, background & practice working with healing providers from a varietty of fields providing support, mentorship and supervision for care providers. She is committed to supporting those who support our communities and offers this mentorship space for providers to rest, restore and have breathing room to nurture themselves and find support.

Spirit Care Coaching is a space of shared discernment, reflection, meditatiton and grounding between coach and client for those seeking support through their own spiritual journey. For some this may be useful during a period of spiritual crisis or life change, for others this might be useful as a periodic process of grounding and reframing within a particular spiritual path. 

Teresa's background and practice with Spirit Care has included supporting people through issues of spiritual trauma, supporting people through spirit shifts during major life changes, pain or loss, as well as supporting the daily life of spiritual journey over time. Additionally, she has provided support to individuals working through a period of decolonizing their own spiritual process and finding their own path to multi-lineage spirituality. 

The creative process and the working of a creative mind is a unique landscape. One that can be full of moments of great joy and beautiful excitement but it can also be a space of chaos and messiness, where a person can lose their own vision along the way. As an author and creative spirit herself, and as a mentor and therapist to artists across the lineage of creativity over the years, Teresa brings her personal and professional background working with the creative community towards supporting individuals creative process through a coaching process. 

This service is meant to offer some perspective and breathing space for creative artists in a variety of specialties to have supportive dialogue and practices to ground their own vision. 



Teresa has worked with her favorite Zen Tarot Deck for the last 25+ years and although she rotates periodically to other decks this is her standard which she uses for personal and professional readings. Teresa considers tarot reading like engaging in a shared meditation practice with her clients. The Zen Tarot Deck is a present-centered resource, and rather than seeking a future wisdom the practice of this deck is a meditation and discernment of the present moment with the tarot reader and client. 

Tarot should not be used as a resource independent of the client's personal wisdom and other professional advice as needed, but like meditation it can offer space to to hold and stretch into a question and reflect on a current issue, much like any spiritual practice. 

Teresa has provided consultation to spiritual, mental health, educational and other institutions and organizations throughout her career on a variety of issues including: trauma-conscious practices and programming, equity and inclusion practices and programming (BIPOC/QTPOC/LGBTQIA+, and spiritually grounded and inclusive practices and programming, socially just and conscious programming and practices, among other issues. 

She greatly enjoys supporting the growth and transformation of organizations stretching their limits towards greater inclusivity, equity, grounding and sensitivity to support the individuals + communities they serve. She is open to engaging collaborative projects, tailoring packages of services,  as well as consultation sessions regarding specific needs. 

The HOLISTIC WELLNESS PACKAGES combine coaching + tarot card reading services for a a whole-person centered engagement of MIND-BODY-SPIRIT care by offering recipients with the grounding space of collaborative conversation directed in whichever area they are seeking support (healing + wellness, spirit care, creative arts) as well as a tarot card reading to offer an adjunctive support towards discernment and clarity-seeking. 

These packages come in larger and small sizes and length of time. They can be a treat to yourself at the end of a long day, week, month or year when you just need a moment to pause and reboot.