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Teresa Mateus is an author, speaker, trauma specialist, educator and mystic. She is the Executive Director and co-founder of The Mystic Soul Project and co-founder and program coordinator for TRACC (trauma response & crisis care) 4 Movements.


She has served as a trauma therapist/traumatologist for nearly 15 years of her career, focusing in areas of: combat trauma, social movement trauma, collective crisis trauma, spiritual & religious trauma, LGBTQIA+ trauma, BIPOC/QTPOC-centered and intergenerational trauma among others.


She is a graduate of NYU School of Clinical Social Work, Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training and a student of Indigenous healing within the Incan Lineage of Q'ero Paqos as well as BIPOC-centered herbalism. Teresa has provided individual, community and organizational support and consultation at the intersections of healing, spirituality, and activism - prioritizing BIPOC/QTPOC centering space-creation.​

Teresa is the author of three books: Sacred Wounds: A Path to Healing from Spiritual Trauma, Mending Broken: A Personal Journey Through the Stages of Trauma + Recovery, and Going Naked: The Camino de Santiago & Life as Pilgrimage. She has also contributed to a number of collected works, articles, print and podcast interviews, and presentations at various conferences in her areas of expertise at the intersections of trauma/healing, spirituality/mysticism, and activism/healing justice. ​​

activism/healing justice. ​

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Julie Lemus has a background working in community mental health settings primarily serving Latinx communities, specifically youth, through one-on-one clinical work and on community-based psycho-educational research projects. 

Julie received a BA in Sociology with a minor in Applied Psychology from UC Santa Barbara. While studying, Julie was involved in social justice and anti-racist educational programming efforts as an assistant to the Program and Marketing Directors at the Multicultural Center where she coordinated conferences and assisted in event planning for over 200+ events. As a Mental Health Intern at Counseling and Psychological Services, she developed programming aimed at highlighting the experiences of LGBTQ Latinxs and hosted a series of workshops on intergenerational trauma within the community. Julie chaired the student-led organization Chicanx and Latinx Graduation where she oversaw event and production planning for the largest non-traditional university commencement ceremony to date with a successful attendance of more than 10,000+ people and over 450+ graduates. 

She is excited to be enrolling in a Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate program in the fall where she hopes she can continue to work directly in her community and help generate mental health initiatives. If you need to reach Teresa and you haven't been able to find the answers or the form you need to reach her, you can reach out to Julie at info@teresamateus.com. When you complete a contact or request form you will also connect with Julie for next steps. 

Supporting my work helps me support others without the resources to seek healing, spiritual care and support for themselves and their communities. A LOVE OFFERING supports a loving and radical collective practice of equity for those that can to give towards the care of those that can't afford and supports the lifting up of BIPOC/QTPOC care providers who always struggle against systemic inequities towards their own resources. Give, if you can, in LOVING EQUITY.

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TRACC (trauma response and crisis care) for Movements was a project grown out of the stress and unrest felt within communities of community organizing, activism, and social change - which is also multiplied in marginalized communities. The original intent of this project was to mobilize to support community crisis and stress within and beyond social change. We believe in many ways this is a time of radical social change and deep community crisis.

We are mobilizing community care and support across three dimensions for this COVID-19 moment: 1-1 virtual care, interactive webinars (for the general community & healing provider specific content), and practice groups offering community gathering space focused around meditation, stress-reduction practices, and rituals as well as specific healing practices such as EMDR.


Teresa offers a number of services through TERESA MATEUS SPIRIT-HEALING COACHING + CONSULTING. These services are for individuals, communities, and organizations and focus on the areas of trauma/healing, spirituality/mysticism, and holistic social movements, as well as building anti-oppressive/anti-racist spaces. 

To hear more about Teresa's services click below to check out her SERVICES page. 


The Mystic Soul Project is a nonprofit centering the voices, teachings and dialogue of POC(people of color) at the intersection of spirituality, activism and healing. We are spiritually inclusive and LGBTQIA inclusive and center the margins of the margins - specifically POC and QTPOC (queer and trans poc).


We believe that there are ancient and contemporary wisdoms from the global traditions and histories of people of color manifesting in new ways today that can inform and expand the frameworks of understanding spirituality, activism and healing. We also believe in centering the healing and care of POC at the core of our work and the furthering of our mission. Even more so in this socio-political context POC need as much support, healing, and spiritual care space as possible. 

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B.A in English Literature with a Minor in Women's Studies (and a focus in Creative Nonfiction Writing), Dec 2006

Masters in Clinical Social Work, New York University, September 2007


Acceptance to The New School's MFA in Creative Nonfiction (although deferred attendance to start work at Dept. of VA with PTSD treatment), August 2007

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Training, Clinician Focus, Trauma Center, Winter 2008


200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga & Inner Peace, Sivananda Tradition, March 2009

Yoga for Vets Certification, Spring 2010

Traumatic Incident Resolution, TRI Center, Miami, Winter 2011

Clinical Supervision Certification (for mental health), Miami-Dade County, 2012

3-Yrs+ of Clinical Hours in tandem with an Equine Specialist in Equine Facilitated Pyschotherapy, 2011-2015


NYU Outstanding Recent Alumna Award, 2008 - for Yoga & Creative Arts/Multimedia Programming for Trauma with Combat Veterans and Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma

Dept of VA, Vet Center Services, Award for Yoga, Equine and Creative Arts programming with Combat Vets and Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma, 2013

Rabbi Schalmann Interfaith Leadership Award, Fall 2016


  • 8+ years of experience as a trauma therapist with the Department of Veterans Affairs working with Combat Veterans and Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma (in NJ & Florida)

  • Co-founder and program creator of a trauma/addiction intensive outpatient program integrating creative arts, mind/body practices and Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP)

  • 4 years as an Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy provider (EFP)

  • Experience working with refugees, survivors of torture, co-occuring issues of addiction, eating disorders and trauma/PTSD, combat veterans, activists and community organizers, People of Color-centered care (individuals and communities), international and interracial adoptees, survivors of religious trauma & cults

  • Experience working with creative and expressive arts (art, writing, photography etc) for healing, embodied care for healing (yoga and movement), mindful and meditative practices for healing, animal-based therapies for healing, intergenerational reclamation and ritual for healing

  • Crisis Triage provided for immediate post-deployment service members, at Standing Rock for water protectors, in Charlottesville for local organizers immediately post August 12, 2017. 

  • Continued consultation provided for (mental health) clinical service providers and organizations, spiritual and religious organizations, activist and community organizers, spiritual and religious abuse survivors and communities, POC communities.

  • Equity-oriented consultation for spiritual and academic institutions across the United States with a focus on BIPOC/QTPOC and LGBTQIA+ centering and equitable space-curation. 

  • Creation of unique programming for trauma-conscious care, embodied mental health, equine facilitated psychotherapy, trauma-conscious yoga, and more.

  • Co-creation of a trauma care for social movements and activists training curriculum and community supports through TRACC4Movements (trauma response & crisis care for movements).

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