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We all have bumps and stumbling points in our lives, spaces where the direction ahead doesn't feel as clear as it once did. Sometimes this is due to a life change or disruption which can make the path blurry. Sometimes it can just be a lull or lostness in the everyday of life. Either way, we can all use support periodically as a means of breathing and rebooting the status quo and finding our way forward. Often this can be difficult to do alone. 

Teresa spent 15 years providing counseling and healing support to individuals and communities through trauma and crisis, identity change and disruption and through the stresses and struggles of life. She brings this background and experience into her coaching practice to support clients through their own stuck points in life. 

See Healing + Wellness Coaching FAQs for more information on this practice.

ALL OFFERINGS ARE CURRENTLY OFFERED VIRTUALLY & AVAILABLE GLOBALLY. ALL APPOINTMENTS SCHEDULED after email consult. If you are interested in scheduling please contact Teresa at info@teresamateus.com



Are you working through a difficult question or struggling when imagining your way forward in your present life? If you are seeking support, clarity and collaborative and co-created direction for the next steps in your own life and wellness journey this session can offer a way to grapple with a specific issue that is arising in your life. 

Teresa offers practices of deep listening, reflection and (as useful) guided practices and tools for grounding in what is and imagining what is possible. This session is useful if you have a specific issue to focus on. 

Are you looking to dive deep and find support and co-created clarity around issue(s) or stumbling blocks in your life at present? This session is useful as means of centering in the current circumstances of your life and deepen in reflection and clarification around what might be possible for where you want to move forward. 

This session allows for the space to breathe and view your life from the outside-in along with a collaborative partner, deep listener and with an observer's eye to reflect on your life alongside you. 

Teresa offers feedback, support, curious questions as well as practices and tools (as they are useful) for managing your current lived experience.


SERVICES ETHICS & LIABILITY STATEMENT: None of these services are to serve as, replace or surmount medical, psychological, or psychiatric counsel or advice. They are also not intended to be crisis intervention for urgent emotional or spiritual care needs. If you have an emergent need please contact your local medical or psychological professional, and if it is immediately urgent please dial 911 for assistance. 

TAROT LIABILITY STATEMENT: Tarot is identified as an "entertainment" service and as such should not be used in place of necessary medical or mental health care. As such, Teresa is not responsible for any individual's use or application of their reading. That said, tarot readings are done with intention and integrity by Teresa and can be considered similar to a guided meditative practice in that it creates space for whatever you bring to the practice. See Tarot description for further information.