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The creative process and the working of a creative mind is a unique landscape. One that can be full of moments of great joy and beautiful excitement but it can also be a space of chaos and messiness, where a person can lose their own vision along the way. As an author and creative spirit herself, and as a mentor and therapist to artists across the lineage of creativity over the years, Teresa brings her personal and professional background working with the creative community towards supporting individuals creative process through a coaching process. 

This service is meant to offer some perspective and breathing space for creative artists in a variety of specialties to have supportive dialogue and practices to ground their own vision. 

See Creative Arts Coaching FAQs for more information on this practice.

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Are you a creative artist seeking grounding, support and space to reflect on a specific sticking point in your own creative process and/or your own creative inner life and outer life balance? Do you need some breathing space to reflect on a particular project or creative spark you are working to nurture? This session offers time to reflect on a specific question, issue, or stuck-place you might be finding yourself in your current creative life and work. 

Teresa offers a listening ear, reflection, tools, resources and practices (as useful) to support this process.

Are you looking to deepen your own creative process or navigate your own stuck-places around a particular project or series of projects? This session offers space to curate your own creative process including reflecting on your past work, looking at where you are now and visioning where you wish to go into the future. What is your creative vision? 


Teresa will offer deep listening and reflection on your current creative-life process and offer tools, resources and practices (as useful) towards creating a clearer path forward into your current or next creative vision and project. 


SERVICES ETHICS & LIABILITY STATEMENT: None of these services are to serve as, replace or surmount medical, psychological, or psychiatric counsel or advice. They are also not intended to be crisis intervention for urgent emotional or spiritual care needs. If you have an emergent need please contact your local medical or psychological professional, and if it is immediately urgent please dial 911 for assistance. 

TAROT LIABILITY STATEMENT: Tarot is identified as an "entertainment" service and as such should not be used in place of necessary medical or mental health care. As such, Teresa is not responsible for any individual's use or application of their reading. That said, tarot readings are done with intention and integrity by Teresa and can be considered similar to a guided meditative practice in that it creates space for whatever you bring to the practice. See Tarot description for further information.